Heart Surgery through the Axilla

This is cardiac surgery performed with a small incision in the right armpit, going through the ribs, without cutting any bones and muscles, without opening the anterior chest bone (sternum).

– Mitral valve repair or replacement

-Aortic valve repair or replacement

-Tricuspid valve repair or replacement

-Double valve repair or replacement

-Triple valve repair or replacement

-Right coronary artery bypass

-Atrial septal defect (ASD),

-PFO repair

-Ventricular septal defect repair

-Mixoma and Fibroblastoma (removal of intra-cardiac tumors

Who is suitable for axillary incision surgery?

The method can be applied to all male or female heart valve patients and patients who require heart hole repair whether they are young and old, obese and underweight.

How is the axillary method applied?

The heart valve is reached by entering between the ribs with a skin incision of 6-8 cm paralleling the breast line from the right armpit. In many cases, the size of the incision can be reduced even more by using endoscopic imaging techniques and tools, and the operation can be performed more easily, comfortably and safely with the video assist endoscopic surgery technique.

Armpit double valve surgery (AVR + MVR) was carried out for the first time in Turkey, triple valve surgery (AVR + MVR + TVR) was carried out for the first time in the world by our team. The most comprehensive series of surgery performed through the armpit belongs to our team.

What are the advantages ensured by minimally invasive approaches with the armpit incision and video assist endoscopic surgical technique?

– The patient heals faster after surgery,

– Intensive care and hospitalization duration are shortened.

– The need for blood transfusion is reduced.

– Less pain after surgery.

– After the operation, the patient can lie in any position, he/she is not obliged to lie on his/her back for a long time like patients whose sternum has been opened from the front.

–   Patients who cannot lie on their back or sleep while lying on their backs get great comfort for not having to lie on their backs for a long time, especially those who are obese and have sleep apnea.

– After the operation, the patient can easily get out of bed, lie down, cough comfortably, without any help, there is no risk of the sternum opening.

– Since cutting the bone is not used in this technique especially the elderly, those with osteoporosis and obese patients, the feared risk of opening the sternum is not an option.

–   The wound heals quickly after surgery.

– The development of a hypertrophic scar (keloid), which is more likely to be seen in sternotomy incisions, is almost nonexistent.

– Since the bone is not cut and there is no risk of opening the sternum, the risk of infection is low.

– The patient is discharged early.

–    The patient can return to his daily life more easily and quickly immediately after the operation, and can get on a plane.

– He can sit in the driver’s seat in his car shortly after the operation.

– He can wear a seat belt.

– He does not have to protect himself from a blow to the chest.

– He can use his arms comfortably and lift heavy loads, swim.

– Since the operation area is in the armpit, it is not readily visible.

–  The cosmetic results are better.