Hello everyone, I am Fatmanur. I am 22 years old and a student in Istanbul. When I went randomly 4 years ago, I was told that I might have a hole in my heart. Although I went to check-ups from time to time, the diagnosis of asd and partial abnormal venous return anomaly in my heart was made exactly four years later and I was told that I needed surgery. With this congenital disease, two of the veins in my heart were connected to the wrong side and there was a hole in between. Moreover, my situation was different from other cases because I was told that the location of one of the incorrectly connected veins was in a place that had never been encountered before. I visited a lot of hospitals and doctors in Istanbul and they all told me that there is a method called armpit heart surgery, but that is not possible due to the abnormal vein in my situation, that I should have an open surgery. Because of my age, I thought that I could not handle the psychological effects of an anterior surgery and I did not want to undergo surgery. Later, I searched for armpit heart surgeries and found Mahmut Akyıldız. Although I read on the internet that he was very successful in this regard, I was also very afraid to give myself hope because other doctors I went to said it was impossible. In the first meeting, my professor Mahmut told me that he could do this operation under the armpit and explained my situation clearly. Later, I met Ahmet Refik Turgut and thanks to the positive energy and smiling faces of the two of them, I got rid of my fears and decided to have an operation. My doctors did a lot of research due to the special condition of the vein and finally I went to the hospital. I had surgery on August 24, 2020, and I stayed in intensive care that night. On the 4th day, I was discharged from the hospital in a healthy way. My time in the hospital was very comfortable and comfortable. When I went to check up a week later, everything was fine and I was cured of my illness. I returned to my normal life during this time. I would like to thank my teachers Mahmut Akyıldız and Ahmet Refik Turgut who helped me to my health and psychologically a lot, especially Selim Akyıldız, who helped us a lot in every subject, and the 5th Floor employees who made me feel like I was at home for their intense efforts. I explained my situation in terms of being an example for patients who are considered impossible to have an armpit surgery and who are desperate like me.