Dear esteemed my dear heart doctor Mahmut Akyıldız, our founding hero, sincerely

My son, the brave angel of goodness, who gives us courage and confidence, smiling and sincere.

As in time, neither words nor pages are enough for you, my supreme Lord, from all evil and all evil.

You are an unforgettable and unique miracle that God has sent to us, in our hearts.

You are a genius with your throne in history. We celebrate your new year with joy as every year.

I wish you happiness with your family, the sun that rises in your home will never set, the blooming flowers inside you never fade

good luck, your sustenance like pomegranate seeds, and your fortune. 20th January 2014, 9 o’clock on Monday morning.

Your patient, Emel Açıkalın Okur, who was born on May 25, 1946, who was operated on by relying on you after the 20th century with my respect and greetings.

Will this heart forget you? May your paths that you will never forget be clear.